How To Add The Underline And Strikeout Option In Squarespace

I had been looking through Squarespace in the last few months, trying to figure out what the platform doesn't offer, and to make sure I can find a workaround for everyone else who uses the platform. 

If you are anything like me, you like to make it clear what you've accomplished (or haven't) when it comes to your to-do's, tasks, or monthly goals. I like to strike out any goals or tasks I've accomplished, or underline anything I feel is most important (in any post I write). 

However, when I made the switched to Squarespace, and back when I was sharing monthly goals, Squarespace didn't offer those text editing option. 

It's a bummber that Squrespace doesn't offer an option to strikeout and underline your text... at least not yet! Here's a tutorial on a small workaround that you can use to strikeout and underline your text. 

It's a bummer that Squarespace doesn't give you that option. Luckily, I was able to find a work around for this specific issue, and I've listed the steps below. 

First things first, you'll want to do is find and click on the little bubble in the section you want to add your text. You should be able to find the Markdown block within the basic section (very top) of the content block list. Click on it to add it to your page / blog post. 

How to underline and strikeout your text within Squarespace, Melanie Craft and Company

You should have a window popup that will allow you to add markup text in it. Add what ever text you'd like to add to your post, whether it be paragraphs, or just an ordered list. 

Striking out your text

Once you have your text within the markdown block, you will want to add the <s> right before you want to start crossing out, then </s> directly after you are done crossing out. (example below)

  • Go on a trip to New Orleans
  • Take a ride on a boat
  • eat a banana
  • Go to bed early
How to strikeout your text within Squarespace, Melanie Craft and Company

Underline your text

It's the same concept when you underline, as if you were to strike out. You will start by adding your text. Then before the word you want to start underlining, you'll want to add the <u> and </u> directly after the word you want the underline to end. I'm showing the examples of this below.

  • Go on a trip to New Orleans
  • Take a ride on a boat
  • eat a banana
  • go to bed early - Important!
How to add the underline and strikeout option in Squarespace -- Melanie Craft & co.

So, in both photos above, you will see that I wanted to cross out "Take a ride on a boat" and underline the word "important!".

Once you're done writing, click "APPLY", so that it saves the the text you have formatted.